OH&S Online Manual & Database

We are providing the Occupational Health & Safety online system for contractor.


  • Web base concept.
  • Paperless documentation.
  • Easy to retrieve.
  • Maintain document security.
  • Solution for resignation OH& S personal.
  • Monitoring – organization and client.
  • Database reliability.
  • Compliance to the TNB basic requirement.

 Registration and payment:

  • The company will provide 4+1 password.
  • PM,PE,SS and SHO plus one password for client.
  • After payment been made, the organization can utilize the system within 24 hours.

Consultation on Contractor Management Services

Nosh Global Construction Managers providing construction management services and consultation for any or all phases of a project. Our Construction Managers have extensive expertise to direct, support and coordinate all aspects of your engineering project, whether large or small. Nosh Global Construction Managers are proficient in overseeing and directing both internal company support work and third party subcontractors to ensure that budget and schedule constraints are met.

Our Construction Managers are experienced, hands-on engineers rather than merely coordinators. As such, they have the knowledge to fully understand the complete scope of your project and direct it from initiation to completion. Our Construction Managers are your right hand in the field.

Our Construction Managers follow a proven track record that entails the responsibilities listed below.

 1. Planning

  • Develop schedules, execution plans, subcontractor strategies, budgets, risk quantification, QA/QC requirements
  • Define roles, authority, and relationships between all interacting companies
  • Establish a communication plan for the client
  • Permit Support of Constructability Issues


2. Execution

  • Manage resource availability, performance quality, and document data control
  • Report project status to the client
  • Measure verifiable progress, cost controls, and scope changes
  • Identify potential problems and consult on alternative approaches
  • Monitor performance against project forecasts
  • Management of Change


3. Project Close-out

  • Document and track all aspects of the project and its final configuration
  • Ensure all client's expectations are fully meet

4. Document Support

5. Logistics

Trading Safety Equipment

NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD also supply safety equipment as below

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Trafic Management, Accessories & Equipment
  • Emergency Response Equipment
  • Portable Gas Detector System
  • Fixed Gas System
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Confined Space Entry Kit
  • Rescue Team Equipment