An organization future depends upon the clarity of its noble values to achieve the vision and by the direction of its mission within framework of the management.
In today’s highly competitive world of economics and rapid high technology Industries, Occupational Safety & Health management is of utmost importance as a prime application, based on a total concept of understanding in all fields of business.

NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD will ensure that OSH training and development application is a profitable investment for any business in a long term rather than an expense with no returns.



NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD specializes in solving Quality, Environmental and Safety &Health issues confronting the private sectors and government organizations. We offer straight, forward common sense and affordable services that will assist our customer in understanding and complying with regulatory requirements and maintain a safe, quality and productive workplace.

NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD was established to provide tailored training and consultations that aim to facilitate organizations, to unlock the potential of all levels of workforce, to achieve continuous improvement of individual and collective performance. Our business support programs enable organizations to enhance knowledge for a more conducive working environment through development of their people.

Our services are tailored to meet the individual and organizational needs of our customer. We provide assistance to overcome issues that require resolutions or as an organization in-house consultant for environmental, safety & health and many more, thereby eliminating full-time overhead cost. Our concept is to be a ONE STOP CENTRE for customers in seeking related training and consultancy services on Quality, Environmental and Safety and Health.

Look no further because we have all you need!

NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD with its multi-disciplinary capabilities enables us to ensure projects are completed on time regardless of our customer’s size.

NOSH GLOBAL SDN BHD trainers are of vast experience, having designed and conducted wide range of Quality, Environmental and Safety and Health training programs for a wide range of clients.





Our mission is to fulfill the clients needs which enable an organization to maintain the current QEHS requirement and practices at workplace



To provide the most efficient and reliable services to our client in the field of training and management aspect of Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health (QESH) in all industry.

Every endeavor is made regularly to upgrade and improved our services. This can be made possible by continuous communication and increasingly closed contact with our clients to fulfill entrusted services.